The Ultimate Tactical Laser Tag Experience

Immerse yourself in the most authentic combat simulation you have never experienced before!  Test your strategic skills by trying one of our many missions in the biggest indoor laser tag arena in British Columbia!  Make your way through the 16,000SQFT CQB (close quarter battle) battlefield to discover your enemies or test out your sniping skills from the sniper tower!  Hide in rooms, behind cargos, fire your shots and claim your victory!


Initially designed for the police and military, it is now available to you!  You will be using equipment just like the real ones used in the US and NATO military.  Our irM4 is the exact same weight and same size as the real M4 assault rifle, you will not be able to tell them apart! 


Your kill ratio and accuracy are recorded and uploaded into the system after every mission, and you will be able to login anytime, anywhere to track your stats.  Find out how good of a soldier you really are by comparing your stats to other local players and even players around the world!


Our iCombat system is so realistic that even the FBI, military, and police force all agree that this is the best training tool ever created!  Bring your friends and family, gear up, duke it out, and find out who is truly the best of the best! 

Our Battle Field