Facility Rental Sessions

Facility rental is similar to private sessions where they are exclusive and are locked to the organizer's party only. Other players looking to join in and play will not be granted access. Facility rental can be requested via email, phone call or front counter inquiry and can be reserved whenever as long as the session spots remain open. Facility rental allows the party to have access to the majority of the facility including party rooms, briefing/storage room, lobby, pool table, etc. To book for a facility rental, it must be THREE hours minimum in length. 

Please contact info@nu-zone.ca for more information regarding corporate packages and birthday packages.

Lockout Sessions

Lockout sessions are sessions that run outside of our operating hours and can be requested a minimum of TWO weeks in advance via email, phone call or front counter inquiry. Unlike regular operating sessions, lockout sessions are two hours in length and require a minimum of 10 or more participants to book. 

Lockout sessions are best suited for corporation events and birthday parties that require an earlier start time outside of our operating hours. This type of session is also great for those who are interested in and intrigued by accumulating more game time by spending less.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are available during any of our regular session times but offer the exclusivity of a session booked for only the host and their invited guests to enjoy!  Other players looking to join in and play will be denied access to the session time selected by the host. A standard private session booking includes 16 player spots, and the option to purchase up to 8 additional player spots at a discounted rate (a combined total of 24 players).  The private session also allow for the party to customize and select their own teams and games.

Private sessions are best suited for larger parties (14 or more), parties that prefer to enjoy the tactical laser tag session among their own friends, or parties including children ages 12 and below.  Private Sessions allow us the flexibility and control to cater to your party’s preferences and needs, to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience.

Public Sessions

Public sessions are available for everyone to join as long as spots are still available. In general, a public session has 24 available spots. The team balancing, game selection, and game duration are all orchestrated by our control operator to provide the best possible experience for the players in the session.

Public sessions are best suited for individual players or smaller groups of 13 people and below as it will be more cost-efficient, and will allow them to meet new players. It is also great for those who love the challenge to play against those who they have never faced off with yet before.